Maşukiye;in love with a village other name. Because of the founder is a Circassian village. It was established in 1864 after the Russian-Caucasian war ended by Circassians who migrated to the region. Maşukiye, located outskirts of the highest point of the Kartepe Samanlı Mountains and near the Sapanca Lake. Previously,the preferred destination for day trips with our proximity to İstanbul, espacially founded in Kartepe winter sports complex has become a well-known region after.Besides these developments in tourism brought in many activities : Accommodation, Skiing, Water skiing, ATV and Buggy Safari tours, Horse Riding, Trekking etc.

What makes Maşukiye special nature in every season of the year is your chance to see a different window. In the summer hosting every shade of green in Kartepe, pouring colours from painter's canvas in the fall you will witness the blast. Winters are asleep and that mother earth is wrapped in a white cloth and wake up again in the spring you will witness nature. Hundreds of flavors with every breath you take you will feel your lungs.And of course all this beauty with spectacular views of Sapanca Lake before asleep immerses you can watch from the balcony of our hotel.Of course, Kartepe not only nature lovers, Kartepe Rally the climbing competition held in Maşukiye invites lovers of adrenaline. Also motocross competition is held in the last week of August in a Eğrelti Plateau.


Sukay facility located at 4 km from our hotel can take water skiing activities during the summer months.


Maşukiye and around trekking trails are easly accessed.


Where our guest can go on a ATV Safari in Kartepe forest.


Our hotel is the distance from the Kartepe Ski Center is only 20 minutes.